Kicks For Kids Kocktails

KICK FOR KIDS KOCKTAILS is a new era we have put together for our children. We believe children should also have a choice when it come to a wonderful tasting beverages, we have a wide assortment of newly invented beverages that I am sure your children and their friends will enjoy. They include frozen drinks, slushes, floats, shakes, lemonades, teas, and more. Many of them are named after some of your favorite characters.

THE MASTER MIXERS provide all tools and equipment that will be needed, except for the electricity, which will need to be provided by the client. We also provide all ingredients for all of the beverages. We provide all cups, straws, napkins, and all ingredients for all Kick for Kids Kocktails drinks.

This is a full KICK FOR KIDS KOCKTAIL set up, but we do offer a special Kocktail Menu at the client’s request.

Our prices start at $300.00 for up to 25 children. $575.00 for 50-60 children. $15.00 for any additional child.

Gratuity is not included, but is appreciated, and only accepted from the host.  NOW LET’S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kickin kids

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Only

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Kicks For Kids Kocktails Disclaimer

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